Late Mr. C.R. Krishnamoorthy (Ex- Dr. Beck, Pune) founded the company as a small unit producing enamel wire test equipment’s. The legend that started then has today evolved into one of the most well known & reputed manufacturers & exporters of enamel wire test equipment’s in India with over 500 + customers across the globe.

Rajeshwari Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. – ever since its inception in the year 1989 has pioneered the concept of quality & commitment with continuous innovation translating to long-standing benefits for its customers. Rajeshwari Electronics strives for excellence through relentless pursuit of latest technology and a passion to be the best.

Based in Pune, the company has manufacturing units spread over an area of more than 5,000 sq. ft. All its units employ innovative technology to meet its objective of customer satisfaction through quality.

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